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Hot Weather Watering
Be successful with proper watering of trees and shrubs during the heat . . .
Blossom End Rot
A disorder of tomatoes and peppers your can treat to control . . .
Beautiful Hydrangeas
Easy to grow, hardy, deer resistant hydrangeas are a super addition to your landscape.
Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Add Instant Color to Your Deck or Patio 


Mad Mats patio
With Mad Mats



Mad Mats® put the 'casual' in Casual Living! Beautifully made & designed, long-lasting, environmentally friendly recycled plastic indoor/outdoor rugs. Use on your patio, deck, or porch, as well as outside your RV.  They also make a great rug for any indoor space, kids rooms, and play areas. 




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August Gardening 
Trees and Shrubs
To avoid stimulating succulent new growth, that could suffer winter dieback, refrain from pruning and fertilizing trees and shrubs in August. Fertilizing and pruning should be done later in the fall. Don't prune spring blooming shrubs, such as lilacs and forsythias in the fall. You will be cutting off the branches they bloom on.  
Stop fertilizing and cutting back spent blossoms. Allowing flowers to form rose hips will help roses get ready for winter. Continue to deep soak them weekly.
During August and September, apply 1 to 1.5 inches of water each week to strawberries for higher yields next year.
Now is the time to apply Ferti-lome Southwest Greenmaker. Your lawn may be stressed from the heat, insect, or even disease damage. It will respond well to a feeding. Continue watering your lawn 1 to 1.5 inches of water each week.  
Vegetable gardens 
By picking cucumbers, summer squash, and beans, you will encourage them to continue producing. Don't allow the fruit to become over mature, as this signals the plant to stop producing new fruits. Keep up the watering so you don't stress the plants.
Cut off spent flowers (deadhead) to encourage new blooms.  Cut back overgrown stems to promote new growth.  Continue to fertilize weekly with Ferti-lome Geranium and Hanging Basket Food.  As the weather starts to cool in the fall, annuals that have been stressed by the heat, often take off and start blooming again. 
Keep perennials looking their best.  As the flowers and foilage fade, cut the stems back, leaving only the healthy foilage and flowers.


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Friday Flowers
Friday Flowers
Add a fresh touch of spring to your home
and brighten your mood.


Flowers have been scientifically linked to happiness, creativity, compassion, and tranquility. Flowers hold an intrinsic natural energy and when used throughout the home, can create positive shifts in emotions and lead to truly inspired living.

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