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Tuesday, March 03, 2015


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Ideas and Inspirations for living                                                  February 21, 2015

Dear Vicky   
This will be a spring for the record books.  We have never mowed our lawn in February before, like we have this year. Many of the trees are starting to bud and tulips are up.  We are just going to have to trust Mother Nature on this one, as worrying will not help.  There are lots of gardening activities going on around town. If you didn't get something done in the fall, now is your chance.

This is a great time to get a jump on your spring clean up and pruning.  It is a good time to prune the dead tops of perennials to the ground.  Leave your winter mulch in place, as it will help keep the soil cool and delay premature growth.

It is too early to prune hybrid tea, grandiflora, and climbing roses.  Nature will give the sign to prune roses.  Wait until the forsythia bushes are in full bloom. Hardy shrub roses may be pruned now.

Even though you may be suffering from Spring Fever, remember it is only February.  We can have lots of winter weather yet to come.  While it is still too early for most outside gardening, it's a great time for planning your spring gardening activities and starting your seedlings indoors.  It's also time to start thinking about your landscape projects. Have you been waiting for years for that landscape and sprinkler system that will make your life soooooo much easier?  Now is the time to call for an estimate and get it scheduled.

A lot of dormant and early spring pruning is going on. Don't just prune because it's spring. The reasons to prune are to control the growth of the plant, shape and remove dead or diseased wood. The only trees that require yearly pruning are fruit trees.  The hardest part of pruning is knowing what to prune and when to prune it. Spring blooming shrubs should not be pruned now.  Visit our website for some great pruning tips.


Take a minute to treat yourself to fresh flowers and remember the people around you that could also use a fresh flower pick-me-up.  

Enjoy the beautiful weather,
Let's Get Gardening . . . 
Starting Seeds Indoor
Starting Seeds Indoors


Seeds started indoors require the same basic conditions as those started outside. But since their environment must be artificially maintained, it takes a little more attentiveness. Just as for all plants, the three basic requirements are soil, light and water. But in each case there are special considerations.


  • It is essential that the soil you use be sterile.  
  • A windowsill is not a good location for starting seeds.
  • Seedlings need a lot of light.
  • Proper moisture is critical.
  • It is important not to start seeds indoors too early. 


Visit pinehurstfloralandgreenhouse.com for the details and tips for starting seeds indoors. 

Visit the Garden Center at Pinehurst for all your seed starting needs.   




Grow With Us 
Now Hiring 

We have great career opportunities available.   

If you are a friendly and hard-working individual,  

then you are the type of person we'd like to grow with.


Sprinkler - Landscape Division


If you have the desire to learn a life long skill installing our unique & inspiring landscape projects, the highest quality sprinkler systems, and making our customers the envy of the neighborhood, we encourage you to apply for our Landscape/Sprinkler System Crew position.   We focus on quality products and the best service available.  We rely on hardworking, dedicated individuals to make it happen! Related experience in landscaping or lawn care is helpful.  Because contact with both employees and customers is a high priority in this position, communication skills are very important.


Greenhouse - Garden Center - Nursery


Earn extra income and new skills, while working with something you love, gardening, plants, and flowers. We are looking for dynamic individuals with a real passion for providing excellent customer service to our discerning customers.


Pinehurst employees work as a team. We believe in the Pinehurst way of look, style and feel in everything we do, from a professional attitude to a genuine smile that reflects a positive attitude which leads to a great working environment.





 New Products

Easy to Grow Succulents 




We just received a new shipment of easy to grow succulents.  Choose from terrariums, planters, as well as individual plants. They take very little water and care.


 3 Tips for growing Succulents    


Water Less


Too much water is not good for succulents.  The thicker the leaves on a succulent the less water it needs. Give them a good soak when you water, making sure they have good drainage in their pot.  This works better than a light misting because all of the roots get the water.  Don't water again until they have time to dry out. This could be a week to a month, depending on the temperature and sunlight they are getting. Succulents grown is a glass terrarium will need much less water as well as less often. Don't over water to the point they will not easily dry out.


Well Draining Soil


Because succulents need infrequent watering and the soil needs to dry out between watering, they need to grow in well draining soil.


Lots of Light


Succulents need a lot of light to grow happy and healthy.  If your plants are inside, put them somewhere they'll receive bright light for most of the day. Usually a south, east, or west facing window sill will provide enough light but if you notice signs of sunburn (brown/black spots on the leaves) move it somewhere that the light is not quite as direct.


A sign that your succulent isn't getting enough light is "stretching". If your plant starts to get really tall with a lot of space between leaves it is stretching out trying to find more light. If you notice this, try to move your plant where it will get more light throughout the day.

 Pruning Fruit Trees
Although pruning can be intimidating, you'll get the most from your fruit trees with proper pruning. 
Fruit trees should be pruned every year. Don't be afraid to prune, but prune for a specific purpose. The objectives are to:Pruning fruit trees
  • Develop strong tree structure. This should begin when trees are planted and continued each year thereafter.


  • Provide for light penetration. Penetration of the sun is necessary for fruit buds to develop and fruit to mature properly.


  • Control tree size. Most fruit trees require pruning to control branch spread and tree height.


  • Remove damaged wood. Some wood injury will occur each year from wind damage, fruit weight, diseases and insects.






Friday Flowers
Friday Flowers
Add a fresh touch of spring to your home
and brighten your mood.


Flowers have been scientifically linked to happiness, creativity, compassion, and tranquility. Flowers hold an intrinsic, natural energy, and when used throughout the home, can create positive shifts in emotions and lead to truly inspired living.

Fridays at Pinehurst 

Fresh, wrapped, cash & carry, cut flowers are
1/2 OFF! 

Your flowers will look better and last longer
when they come from Pinehurst Floral & Greenhouse, Guaranteed!
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At Pinehurst Floral & Greenhouse you'll find ideas and inspirations to brighten your indoors and outdoors. 

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