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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


April Gardening  

Things to do in April . . .        

  • Add spring color to your yard.  It's a great time to plant pansies. 
  • Apply dormant oil spray to fruit trees, snowball bushes and shrubs.
  • Plant cabbage, broccoli, and root crops.
  • Mow your lawn short and apply Ferti-i-lome Pro Green for the start of a gorgeous lawn.
  • Apply Natural Guard Soil Activator (humates) to your lawn, garden, flower and shrub beds to feed the soil and decompose the dead grass.
  • Dump old soil from your planters into your garden or flower beds and work in.
  • Cut back perennial flowers and grasses to the ground before new growth starts.
  • Apply pre-emergent weed control to landscape and flower beds before weeds start to grow to save hours of weeding.
  • Take your cue from nature on pruning roses.  When the beautiful yellow forsythia bushes are blooming is the best time to prune rose bushes.     





Get your spring lawn ready

  Green up your lawn FAST!


Apply Ferti-lome Pro Green  


Soil Activator NOW !  




 Vegetable Gardening   


Fresh picked vegetables

There is something very satisfying and healthy about seeing what you have picked from your garden in the morning in your salad bowl that night.



The Vegetable Garden is not complete without a stop at Pinehurst.  We have personally grown a great selection of vegetables in our greenhouses just for you. 


The Garden Center has all the seeds, fertilizers, and solutions to your pest and weed problems.


At Pinehurst we offer a vast assortment of culinary and fragrant herbs that can be grown indoors and out.


You will find a great selection of Burpee Home Garden plants.


If you have never grown a garden, don't worry, the staff at Pinehurst is here to answer all your questions and give you tips to make it easy and more rewarding.








Friday Flowers
Friday Flowers
Add a fresh touch of spring to your home
and brighten your mood.


Flowers have been scientifically linked to happiness, creativity, compassion, and tranquility. Flowers hold an intrinsic natural energy and when used throughout the home, can create positive shifts in emotions and lead to truly inspired living.

Fridays at Pinehurst 

Fresh, wrapped, cash & carry, cut flowers are
1/2 OFF! 

Your flowers will look better and last longer
when they come from Pinehurst Floral & Greenhouse, Guaranteed!
Call 237-6522 today!  
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At Pinehurst Floral & Greenhouse you'll find ideas and inspirations to brighten your indoors and outdoors. 

We  provide a wide selection of only the freshest, highest quality flowers and plants, creative floral designs, and innovative gardening ideas.  Our high quality products and services are designed to enhance the gardening lifestyles of our customers for all seasons. 
As a family owned, premium florist and garden center, proudly serving the Pocatello, Chubbuck, and surrounding area for more than 35 years, we pledge to go beyond your expectations.  Our knowledgeable staff is committed to serving you and our community with integrity and enthusiasm.  We strive to preserve both your trust and our legacy of over 35 years of unparalleled excellence in service and attention to detail.  We pledge to inspire you through creative presentations, detailed knowledge, respect and professionalism, while ensuring you a successful and enjoyable shopping and gardening experience.  Our success is determined by your success.
No matter the level of gardener you are, Pinehurst Floral & Greenhouse is filled with solutions, tips, inspirations and ideas for your gardening. 



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