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Monday, October 20, 2014
Fall is for Gardening  

Fall Inspiration

Fall Nursery Sale


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Fall Care for Newly Planted Trees & Shrubs  


Frequently asked questions:  


Do you need any special care for the trees and shrubs you planted this spring and summer? Fall Watering


Yes, and just because your plants are losing their leaves don't let that fool you.

During the heat of the summer new plants were busy taking up enough water to maintain the growth they already had.  Now that the weather has cooled, the leaves have dropped and the strain from the heat is gone, these plants can start developing new roots.  The ground is warm and the air is cool.  This is the ideal condition for rapid root growth.  Make sure there is ample moisture in the soil to facilitate this root growth.  Remember how big the root ball was when you planted it.  The moisture needs to reach that entire root mass.  The soil that is used to grow beautiful trees and shrubs in a pot is a soil mix that promotes rapid drainage, so it will not retain moisture for very long in the ground.  Once the new roots grow out into your natural soils, which hold moisture longer, it is still important to water but it is not so critical.  If the root ball is allowed to dry out too much or for too long, it is impossible for the plant to recover.   


Watering tree in the fall Water, making sure to soak the entire root ball, once a week.  A good rain fall may soak the surrounding soil and not get the root ball wet enough. Get your hose out and give it a drink.


Healthy plants can withstand the rigors of winter.  The best way to insure you have healthy plants is to make sure they have ample water in their system going into winter.


Water, water, water, water . . . . . .



Why should I wrap the trunk of a young tree?


ThTree wrap on young treee bark on young trees is tender.  During the winter the sun can be intense.  There are no leaves on the tree to shade the bark.  Sun scald and frost cracks can occur, usually on the south side of the trunk.  The bark will heat up during the day and the sap moves up the trunk. Suddenly the sun goes down and the temperature drops rapidly and the trunk can split.


By wrapping the tree trunk now, you can protect the bark from the sun.  This is only necessary during the winter when the tree is young.  As the tree matures the bark becomes corky and tough, and is not effected by the winter sun. 


Remove the wrap in the spring, as the tree leafs out.  Pay special attention to remove any string or material you used to secure the tree wrap.  Anything left tied around the trunk will girdle or choke the tree as it gets bigger and could eventually kill the tree.

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